Cailey Bryson, CAT (C), RKin, BHS


Cailey is a Sheridan College Graduate from the Athletic Therapy Program. Upon completing her Bachelor of Health Science, Cailey began working with local athletes in the Ottawa area at both the amateur, university and semi-professional level. However athletes are not only her focus. She also works with the weekend warrior, the super-cool roller-derby athlete, dad/mom whom just completed a home reno, or grampa who loves running around with grandkids. Cailey is certified in soft tissue release, manual mobilizations with movement, Functional Movement Screen and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment. She addresses not only a patient’s primary injury but also underlying postural dysfunction, and bio-mechanical problems, to prevent injury re-occurrence. Cailey has experience working with a variety of sports but her major accomplishments have been as the Head Athletic Therapist for the Ottawa Fury Soccer Academy, Carleton Universities Women’s Basketball Team, Algonquin College Soccer, Ottawa Irish Rugby Club, and covering events at the National Level with Gymnastics and Skate Canada.

Certified Athletic Therapists are best known for their quick thinking of on field emergency care of professional and elite athletes, and the weekend warrior. They are the first to respond when someone gets hurt and are experts at musculoskeletal injury assessment and rehabilitation in a clinical setting. Athletic Therapists look at the body globally to assess where the problem may be arising to provide the patient with the optimal level of care. The mix of on-site care and hands on rehabilitation skills makes an Athletic Therapist (AT) so effective in treating the musculoskeletal injuries of clients both on the field or in the clinical practice.

Athletic Therapists treat a wide range of patients including children with concussions to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery and everyone in between, by using a range of manual therapy, exercise prescription, taping and bracing and the occasional modality. As an Athletic Therapist our main focus is to assist our client in returning to their daily activities, whether it be playing competitive sports or getting up from a chair.

Some may confuse Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy and although similar they are different. Athletic Therapists Scope of Practice includes prevention, immediate care and reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries, which involves postural evaluation, assessment and rehabilitation (manual therapy), equipment selection (ie. shoe wear), warm-up, conditioning programs and prophylactic taping and bracing. Physiotherapists assess the impact of injury, disease or disorder on movement and function, and use modalities to treat their clients. They may also further their education by attaining certification in various rehabilitation techniques.

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Insurance Companies that cover Athletic Therapy

  • Great West Life
  • Standard Life
  • Blue Cross
  • Hockey Canada
  • Desjardin
  • Claim Secure
  • Sun Life
  • Reliable Life Insurance Co.
  • Manulife
  • Empire Life
  • Greenshield
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