Rolf Method

Rolfing® Structural Integration


Healing hands
Rolfing® is a practice which can help:

  • Improve Poor Posture
  • Gain Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Release Chronic Pain Patterns

Structural Integration (also referred to as Rolfing) helps to balance your body in relationship to gravity, realigning structures in your body, through hands-on soft tissue manipulations. Structural Integration works by opening, lengthening, and softening restrictive fascia (thin sheets of connective tissue that surround muscles and other tissues in your body) and by helping you to become aware of, and to change, poor postural habits.

Structural Integration uses a series of sessions to bring lasting changes and improvement to the body. Each session is different; cumulatively they balance your body and movements by releasing lifelong patterns of effort, compensation, tension, and strain. Structural Integration clients have found it to be very complementary to other therapies such as Chiropractic, Massage therapy and Yoga. SI has had the reputation as being painful. It is only as painful or as painless you can tolerate, the pressure used is based on the clients preference and comfort level.

Why multiple sessions? It takes a long time to establish bad habits and for your body to adapt to them.

In order to start changing those habits it takes allot longer than one or 2 sessions. When you have a certain area out of alignment the rest of your body adapts to that new position. If you only address the one problematic joint and not the other compensation in the body, you will be more predisposed to injury and falling out of alignment again. Each session works on different areas of the body to work out all the compensation and to give the body space to move back to where it should be.

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