Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy can help if you suffer from:

  • Neck, back, shoulder, arm, or leg pain
  • Muscle tension
  • High levels of stress and frequent anxiety
  • Tension headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Insomnia

Hot Stone Therapy is classified as one of the classic massage therapy techniques. It is a form of geo-thermotherapy that combines massage with the therapeutic use of hot or cold stones.

Hot Stone Therapy is beneficial on both physical ans psychological levels. The benefits of Hot Stone Therapy include

  • muscle relaxation
  • pain relief
  • improved circulation
  • mental and physical stress relief

The treatment is performed using volcanic rocks such as black or white basalt. Basalt is an igneous rock formed in active volcanoes as lava cools down following the volcanic eruption. Basalt stones are the ideal choice for Hot Stone Therapy due to their natural ability to retain and conduct heat.

A significant amount of iron, magnesium, and other minerals are found in basaltic rocks. These rocks possess magnetic healing properties and offer other benefits to the body. The stones are heated by water contained in a Stone Heater specifically designed for the Hot Stone Therapy. the temperature of the stones is 120-127 degrees Fahrenheit (48-53 degrees Celsius). The stones are sanitized before each individual treatment. The massage is done with bare hands as well as with the stones to amplify the effect of the treatment.

Hot Stone Therapy - Basalt Rocks

Note: Although Hot Stone Therapy is considered to be relatively safe, you should be aware of possible side effects. It can cause bruising, swelling or skin sensitivity due to the oils/lotions or heat of the stones. You should consult a doctor before using Hot Stone Massage Therapy if you have a chronic illness or you are pregnant. Patients who suffer from high blood pressure, severe diabetes, hemophilia, cancer, blood clots, fractures with metal implants or open lesions are advised to avoid this type of therapy. Always inform your massage therapist about any medication you are taking.