Dr. Charleen A. Thompson, B.Sc., D.C.,


Dr. Charleen Thompson has been a chiropractor since 2001. She originally obtained her Bachelor of Science in her home province of Newfoundland from Memorial University in 1996 and completed her Doctor of Chiropractic at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 2001. After practicing in the GTA for a brief while, she set up practice in Nova Scotia for 13 wonderful years.

Over the course of her career she has treated a variety of patients including; recreational and professional athletes; those suffering with workplace or chronic injuries; pregnant women; children and teenagers as well as a variety of hardworking people who just want to feel the best they possibly can so they can enjoy life to its fullest!

Treatment Areas

  • Sports Injuries
  • Customized rehabilitative exercises
  • Chiropractic joint mobilization and manipulation techniques
  • Physical therapy modalities such as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), IFC, EMS, TENS and Ultrasound
  • Children, Teens
  • Pregnancy and Post-partum Treatment
  • Ergonomic and Postural Evaluation
  • Supportive and Correctional devices and procedures such as Proprioceptive Taping, Foot Orthotics and bracing
  • Dr. Thompson believes in the “whole picture” approach to treating patients – she uses chiropractic adjustments, a wide range of soft tissue therapies such as muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, taping, stretches, and strengthening programs personally tailored for each patient, and also uses modalities such as laser, ultrasound and interferential current. She thinks that patient education is instrumental in their care and educates on topics such as workplace ergonomics, improving poor posture and other everyday factors that often cause injuries, so that the patient themselves can contribute to their own healing process.

    Dr. Thompson has also provided numerous workplace seminars on safety and injury prevention. Additionally, she has performed lower limb evaluations at busy medical clinics and has created custom foot orthotics throughout her career. She looks forward to serving within the Ottawa area and working together with patients and other health care providers to provide exemplary care.


    Certification Highlights

    • Doctor of Chiropractic – 2001 Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
    • Bachelor of Science Major in Biology -1996 Memorial University of Newfoundland
    • Advanced Custom Orthotic Certification – The Orthotic Group

    Professional Affiliations

    • Ontario Chiropractic Association
    • Canadian Chiropractic Association
    • College of Chiropractors of Ontario
    • Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association

    Contact: info@altavistachiropractic.com

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